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Endicia is an internet postage service provider based in Mountain View, California.


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Endicia full-time Cons: Poor leadership that drives talent out. Many people are walking on eggshells. Look at all the open positions, what does that say?"

Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at Endicia for more than a year Cons: When Stamps.com took over went down hill. Stamps lied and advise the Greensboro location would stay opened. Instead they shut us down without warning."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Endicia full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Stamps killed Endicia culture. A lot of good, smart people left. Including the founder. To be clear, there is no more Endicia, Stamps.com and Endicia are the same company and Stamps is running the show."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"I have been working at Endicia full-time for more than 3 years Cons: -endicia culture is being replaced by a controlling Stamps.com culture (new owner) -endicia appears to be in its final death throes -cons for Stamps.com: -adheres to hierarchy - small company with a big company mentallity (don't talk to upper management, know your place and stick to it). - rigid management style = low productivity per capita - does not fit silicon valley culture = low productivity per capita - not an innovative company - cutlure and work environment dominated by a few "personalities" - no regard for work/life balance of their employees.. you are their slave."

Current Employee - Inside Sales Specialist says

"I have been working at Endicia full-time for more than a year Cons: micromanaged from call time to calls to CRM activities. Be prepared to be told all the negatives with no future or strategy plan to improve."


"I worked at Endicia Cons: After the acquisition, the company is now used as a means of meeting earnings forecasts."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Endicia full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Stamps.com acquisition. Based on their actions and attitude, they bought Endicia to acquire the technology and customer base. They don't care about the employees who created said technology and customer base. Shady practices. Look them up. Press releases and customer reviews speak to how they (don't) value their customers."


"I have been working at Endicia for more than a year Cons: Eastern Sales Field Mgt is unaproachable, does not follow up or through! Pay is ok but very hard to track your sales with the way they have their system set up."


"I worked at Endicia for more than a year Cons: No direction from leadership really"


"I worked at Endicia Cons: As the economy got better, Endicia was acquired by Stamps.com. As was said during a meeting, the acquisition was like getting married first and then afterward starting to date afterward to start to get to know each other. You don't offer references or letters of recommendation for terminated employees! The pre-Stamps Endicia regime was not ambitious enough. It's now a mute point. Mid management and directors practiced "push back". It got so bad that even fellow employees in the same group adopted this counter-productive "push back"! Unfortunately, there was no way for rank-and-file employees to share their concerns and information beyond the director level. The directors heavily filtered these core problems in their reports above them. Director totally ignored employees self-appraisal form, just to rant and rave."

Senior Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Stay away. Management has been there forever and will never leave. Poor pay, poor attitudes and no training. Unrealistic goals and over 100 accounts to call on quarterly. Entire company is a joke."

Technical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This job was a great place to learn new software and assisting customers via phone, chat and email. Job security not guaranteed. There is not any growth opportunity."

Technical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Anybody will tell you that having an acquisition with the "wrong" company will get a company in trouble. Since mid 2015 when Stamps.com acquired Endicia, things would never be the same. With talented and dedicated employees that brought innovations and new ideas to Endicia, Stamps.com ripped that dream apart. Now, with massive laid offs at Endicia within the last two years, the name Endicia, is just a shell on the outside. The inside is pretty much Stamps.com software and services. No innovations coming from Endicia. Endicia will cease to exist as we know it. Will always remember the good times before 2015. Cons: Ever since Stamps.com has taken over in 2015, Endicia is no longer the company it used to be."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"It's all about Salesforce, spreadsheets and reporting Cons: uncertainty and confidence in management is waning"

Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The culture has changed with the acquisition of Stamps. The Endicia culture focused on the fun, hard work, do a lot with less, but your ideas were taken into consideration.. With Stamps you are expedited to do just what your told and not think for yourself."

Technical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The environment at Endicia was good overall until bought out by Stamps.com and, of course, when Stamps decided to close the NC office. The relationship with headquarters in CA were always tense and it seemed our office was given little support"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Before Stamps was in the picture we had great working culture and innovation was happening. After the Acquisiton by Stamps we no longer have either. Cons: Everything"

Technical Support Rep (Former Employee) says

"The busy time of he year is the Monday after Thanksgiving to New Years. If there is not a rate change in January by USPS then hours are normal. Cons: Take over closed the Mountain View Tech support department"

Tech Support Level 2 (Former Employee) says

"Endicia had a great company culture and cared about its employees before the Stamps.com merger. Cons: Micro-management"

Lisa Beckert says

"FRAUD. I found six charges for $300 each pending on my credit card this morning, preceded by a $1 charge, so they could check my account for viability, I assume."

Stephanie says

"Company attempted to charge my debit card when I've never done business with them in my life. I don't even have a reason to so business with them. This company is crooked."

LAURA C says

"Endicia is the worst. I used the app happily for years, with almost no problems, but then they stopped supporting it and made everything go through their website. It regularly refuses to even connect to the label printing application, doesn't print correctly, every problem one could imagine. Reprinting a mis-printed label is nearly impossible. They give you one chance, and then you have to just destroy the label and request a refund. Good luck with that. I'll never use Endicia again."

M G says

"I noticed a recurring charge from Endicia for 17.99 and originally thought it was for postage overage from the post office. I then realized it was an unauthorized charged and called Endicia. I was told that I had signed up (I did not) and they sent confirmation but when they checked ALL the emails they sent to my email account (active and correct email) were returned and they just continued charging. I did not sign up. Did not receive confirmation of signing up, did not receive monthly notices of charges OR receipts. This is really sketchy and from the look of the rest of the comments here this is a normal practice for them. Very unethical. I am going to dispute the charges."

kevin klatt says

"I had 6 charges for $25 each from USPS STAMPS Endicia and 1 charge from Stamps.com for $900.00 all in 1 day 12/07/2020. What the Holy H***! Didn't know until I got my wells Fargo bill on a card stored in a locked drawer at work! Card company charged it back and cancel card but what's going on here? This company should be investigated or be forced to investigate how people card info is being stolen and used for profit."

Tameeka L Gilchrist says

"This company charged my debit card twice in December 2020. I have never done business with them."

Erin Nascimento says

"Fraud detected. They charged $17.99 then another charge two weeks later for $12.59! So they were going to keep charging! Thankfully Bank of America alerted me in time."

Sean Melis says

"Fraud. Similar charges as other people to a Bank of America account that I never authorized..."

Glory Melendez says

"I was just charged $17.99 on my ally card for Endicia account that I never signed up for! I am pissed that I have to get a new card but I’m glad my bank contacted me right away and canceled the charge. Reading the reviews is awful.. so many in the same boat all in a few weeks."

George Wangersky says

"Fraud magnet This company appears to be accepting hundreds of fraudulent credit card charges. I found three charges on my account from them and have reported them to my bank."

Lisa Biby says

"Giving one star is overkill! This company has charged my and my son's account. I'm waiting on the phone now with my bank knowing that they're going to cancel my card and reissue - at Christmas time. Bummer. Why is this company still in business?"

Marisa Byglamr says

"I just found out that on 12/14/20 my business card had a charge of $17.99 for an automatic enrollment of their services: Endicia. I researched the company and called them. They transferred me to their security department, who couldn't find my information at all. I provided them my credit card number and they found it. They stated none of my information was provided with my card number, so they also flagged it as Fraud! They told me they had stopped the recurring billing and were going to delete the account. They asked for me to tell my bank it was fraud on their end too, so my bank could refund my money immediately. I spoke to my bank, who agreed it was fraud, they refunded my money, and replaced my card. In addition, they blocked this company by name from ever charging me again. So, I don't know what's going on because my business card was new and only the bank and 2 vendors had my information. NO one else! I have my card in my possession. I don't need their type of service, so again I have no idea how they got my information. I'm glad my bank has taken care of everything for me. I do find it interesting that so many of us are being affected by the mysterious charge...I wonder if one of their IT people created some kind of malware or something to sign us up without our knowledge...I don't know, but my bank is Bank of America and they took care of everything. Now, I'm going to be alerted about every single transaction. Anyway, call your banks and just tell them it's fraud. While I thought their customer service and security representatives were professional and courteous, I have to give them one star because it appears this is common practice for this company to charge without approvals."

Andrew P Clogg says

"We need a class action lawsuit. Upvote this comment if you agree. Let's gather and discuss... I've created a Facebook Group... type in the Facebook search bar "Stop Endicia Scam" and it will pull up. I'd like to know how this company is getting our information. There must be some website, online form, service or something where a box is inadvertently checked and we are being enrolled in a membership. I have never signed up with STAMPS.com or any sort of free trial. When i do enroll in free trials, i always set calendar reminders to cancel or cancel them right away. Something is fishy with this company. They have lied to their shareholders too.... not a good company. Time to escalate this."

Melissa says

"I received an Ally bank alert notifying me of an unauthorized charge for $17.99 from Endicia. Thankfully, the charge was refused. I filed a report with the BBB."

Dboogie says

"I dont even know who this company is and i got charged Saturday for 17.99 from my business account"

Pat says

"I got a message from my debit card company (Ally) asking about a charge for $17.99. I have not used my debit card in a very long time, I have no idea how they got my number."

Oscar OI says

"I have never had any interactions with this company. Even more troublesome, I never, ever use my debit card for purchases. The transaction was debited from my checking account."

Matthew Topete says

"Same thing with me. Charged for 17.99 on my account. Never heard of this company Endicia. Trying to figure out how to get my money back"

Chris Edwards says

"Same as several others, I recently opened a Small Business Checking account and Business line of credit with BoA. I have not used my debit card at all. In fact, it is still stuck to the very letter in the envelope it was delivered in on my desk. Zero ways anyone could have skimmed or otherwise got the number. No clue how they could be getting these numbers unless there is a leak higher in the chain at card issuance. I exclusively use my credit card for business and only use the checking for deposits and to pay off the credit card monthly. I had an initial charge of $50 on 9/30 which shows “USPS STAMPS ENDIC 888-434-0055 PURCHASE DEBIT CARD *####” (where #### is the last 4 of my debit card #), then 2 charges, each for $17.99 at the first of November and then December listed as just “ENDICIA PURCHASE 800-576-3279 CA DEBIT CARD *####”. As far as stamps go, I running a consulting company... I don’t have anything to mail. I noticed today and called to have a stop payment and file dispute on charges. Bank returned money and opened investigation. UPDATE: I was able to get to a representative and discuss. Since my card has been cancelled, I had them search for the old card number to find the account it is associated with. She found the account and confirmed it was not in my name, but couldn’t share the name it was under. She stated she could close the account, but that was all she could do. I asked if this could be escalated as someone is clearly using their business with stolen numbers based on these reviews, but she said she had no ability to do that."

Paul T. Kraly says

"Same as everyone else. I merely visited the site, never signed up for anything, never gave ANY of my information to ANYONE on that site. And somehow I now have a $17.99 charge on my card??? Cancelled my card and am getting a new one. thanks, Endicia, for trying to ruin my Christmas. I guess you'll have to get your "Trump funds" from somewhere else because I've Tweeted and Facebooked all of you to my thousands of followers, telling them not to visit the website at all, and alerted them of this Trustpilot page. You guys have happy holidays for now, but I wouldn't look forward to a good new year. :D"